Rpi 3 With Camera & Digital Making Kit 1

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This kit can be used for building:

  1. Normal desktop computer for web surfing and office productivity (with LibreOffice that comes with Raspbian)
  2. A computer for learning programming (with Scratch, Python and Java that comes with Raspbian)
  3. A Physical Computing experimentation computer (connect sensors, LEDs to GPIO pins and program them with Scratch or Python)
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This starter kit is the minimum hardware you need to setup Raspberry Pi to connect to a HDMI TV or monitor. Just add keyboard, mouse and monitor (not included in package) and you have a desktop computer. Apart from using this kit as a desktop computer, you can also use it to learn Programming and Physical Computing.

Package consist of :

  1. Raspberry Pi 8MP camera – made especially for Raspberry Pi with Sony camera
  2. Digital Making Kit 1 – a kit with basic electronic components and wires for learning Physical Computing
  3. Raspberry Pi 3 x 1 unit – the main computer unit
  4. 16GB SD card x 1 unit – storage card preloaded with the latest Raspbian operating system
  5. Original Raspberry Pi 3 power supply – provides a stable 5v 2.5A power required by Pi 3. Other power supply such as phone/tablet chargers only provides 2.1A max which is insufficient especially if you are connecting many accessories to the Pi 3. Pi 3 will become unstable with power insufficient.
  6. HDMI cable (1 metre) – for connecting Pi 3 to a HDMI TV (TV not included in this package)
  7. HDMI-DVI converter – female HDMI and male DVI connector for connecting a normal HDMI cable to a common computer monitor which usually does not have HDMI port and only comes with DVI port.
  8. Multicomp Case (Black) – enclosure with built-in camera slot suitable for Raspberry Pi B+/2/3 models.
  9. CAT6 LAN cable – for connecting to a wired network port or your home router. CAT6 is a high quality grade cable that can transmit data at the highest speed.
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